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I forgot to mention this the other day.

When the power went out here on Friday night, we played that grocery store game with the kids where you go alphabetically and name foods on your turn but you also have to list all the ones that came before you too, and...oh, it's confusing.

Anyway, Tristan got to the letter K, and he couldn't think of anything, so he goes

"I'm gonna make one up."

And we were said okay, and then he says

"CACK!!!!!" (or 'kack', I guess)

And then we started laughing our asses off, and he thought it was just some word he made up.

It was awesome.

I don't know why I'm posting this in here, but I guess it's cuz it's a word commonly used around the Tuesday Night crew. Anyway, to make this post more Tuesday-related, here. Have this.

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